Red Ranger Ninja Steel Toddler Muscle

Product includes:
Jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached belt and soft character
Toddlers S (2T)
Toddlers M (3T-4T)
Toddlers L (4-6)
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Deep in space resides the evil reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, where monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior! The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenage Power Rangers who possess the Spirit Crystal. The evil reigning champion sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Crystal, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, in order to stop this evil threat and save our planet from destruction!


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