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Disguise is committed to reducing our environmental footprint over the next several years. We are implementing gradual changes that will help reduce waste, shrink our environmental footprint, and contribute to a happier, healthier world. We hope these efforts prioritize the planet's well-being without compromising either the product presentation our customers expect or the quality they deserve.

Any Disguise product with this logo on the package denotes we have taken – and continue to take - steps to reduce the amount of packaging and use more recycled materials in our costumes to make our collection more environmentally conscious.

We are reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging and sizing down our cardstock and hangers. We are also using recycled polyester fabric to create some of our costumes (exclusive of the trim and thread) and creating more glitter-free designs to reduce our environmental impact.

We all have an important part to play in promoting more environmentally conscious products and helping to reduce waste, one costume at a time.


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