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Halloween Costume Tips & Tricks 

How do I get the wrinkles out?      DO NOT PUT IN DRYER (glitter will get everywhere and colors may bleed).  The best option is to use a garmet steamer to get the wrinkles out. Another option is you can hang costume in the bathroom while taking a hot shower, or you can turn the costume inside out and use a damp pressing cloth and iron on low heat.  
My mask doesn't fit right.   Stuff towels or cloth to get proper shape and using a hair dryer on low, slowly heat and shape the mask.  While shaping with hair dryer be careful not to burn yourself.   You could also try a heat lamp or place mask in the sun - make sure you have stuffed the mask to get the proper shape.
My costume is too big.   If your costume is too big, you can add strips of adhesive velcro or use safety pins.   You can also take it to a tailor or sew it yourself.
My costume is too long.    Most of our fabrics can be cut without fear of fabric unraveling. If you want to create a hemline, you can use a no-sew product that would adhere with an iron (careful with iron temperatures) or use double stick tape or hem tape (available at fabric stores)
How do I put the Shoe/boot covers on?   Put shoe covers on first then put shoes on under the shoe covers and pull the shoe cover over your shoes.

How do I make the sleeves puffier?

  Stuff sleeves with paper towels, tissue paper, extra fabric or polyfil.

I feel like I need more than Velcro closures.

  You can always add more Velcro strips, use safety pins or you can add a zipper to the costume.

My inflatable costume isn't staying full!

  Make sure that all the closure points are tight so that air doesn't escape and that fan is running correctly. Check the batteries! 

Why does the vinyl mask I ordered have a plastic insert?

  This is used in shipping so that the shape of the mask doesn't get too distorted. Please remove before wearing.

When I wear the vinyl mask, my head gets sweaty.

  Tie a bandana around your head before putting on the mask. The bandana will absorb the sweat.

My headpiece is a little too big.

  Add some stuffing (like paper towels or bubble wrap) inside the headpiece to fill the gap

My skirt costume is too short. 

  Make the costume your own by adding opaque leggings or tights for a look that's all you!

My pants costume is too short. 

  Depending on the character, wear boots and tuck the pant legs into the boots. No one will ever know!